Birth cohort Biobank

Ten million level Biobank

In born in Guangzhou cohort study(BIGCS), we plan to conduct long-term follow-upon pregnant women and their children who give birth in Guangzhou, and establish thelargest healthy parent-child biobank in China. We plan to follow up families for 18years, and establish a biobank with a capacity of over ten million people. Base on thisbiobank, we could use epidemiological and biological study methods to explore themain factors affecting the health of children and women in Guangzhou.

Epidemiology - Biological Sample Library Information Management System

BIGCS biobank Information Management System is a large-scale computer managementinformation system that combines centralized and distributed management with theInternet as the backbone and a large database as the center; based on the data processinoprocess, A large amount of information scattered throughout the place that is manuallyentered or collected by iPad terminals, laboratory tested, and externally read is centrallystored, classified, retrieved, counted, and various reports generated; give full play to therole of computers in information quality control, deep processing, and rapid processing;establish a public The platform rationally distributes and manages shared resources toimprove the maintainability and reliability of the system; it implements electronicmanagement of biological samples to improve work efficiency, maximize specimen storageand achieve standardized management. The system is connected to other informationnetworks in the hospital to reduce repeated collection of information and enable eachfunctional group to mplement macro-control and daily work management of researchprojects.

Biological sample processing platform

BIGCS aims to establish the largest healthy population parent-child biobank in China.Currently, there are 50 -80°C refrigerators, 28 liquid nitrogen storage tanks. At presentover 1000 ailiquouts were presessed in our biobank, including blood, urine, placentacord, cord blood, and neonatal dry blood samples from pregnant women and theirspouses at different stages.
The BIGCS Biobank processing platform is divided into 5 areas:
Specimen transportation - refrigerated transportation of specimens, an instant and efficient "little train
Specimen receiving area - specimen receiving, verification, preset frozen storage location
Sample processing area - separation of serum, plasma, blood cells, and mononuclear cells
Sample deep processing area - automated DNA extraction workstation for nucleic acid extraction
Sample freezing area - -20 ℃, -80 ℃, liquid nitrogen tank

Liquid nitrogen storage tank

-80°C refrigerator

Quality management/control of biological samples

BIGCS biobank is committed to freezing high-quality biological samples whileestablishing the largest healthy population parent-child biological sample bank in China.
● Storage standards for biological samples
● Daily temperature and humidity monitoring of biological sample processing platform
● Real time monitoring of refrigerator temperature
● Long term monitoring of quality control specimens
● International standard PREcode monitoring pre freezing process

Born in Guangzhou Cohort Study, Guangzhou Women and Children's Medical Center, Guangzhou Medical University

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